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Riviera Pest 
& Termite Control 
We can treat your home for wood-destroying organisms and help you implement preventative maintenance measures to reduce re-infestation or re-infection of your property.

We thoroughly inspect your home for structural damage and then provide you with a report on our findings and recommendations. Proper identification or infestations and conditions must be made before a sensible recommendation can be made. Insect infestation can result in structural damage. Termites and other insects eat wood weakening wood members and structural supports.
Moisture-related conditions in buildings promote fungal decay or dry rot. Leaking plumbing fixtures, failing roofs, leaking masonry porches and moisture behind stucco walls are frequent causes of fungal growth.

Inspection findings will be summarized in our Inspection Report indicating our recommendations for treatment, repair and preventive measures to your property.

Treatment for structural damage focuses on two main culprits: wood-destroying insects and fungus.

Subterranean Termites. We apply a liquid pesticide in the soil around foundations and drill and pressure treat below concrete slabs.

Drywood Termites.

Dampwood Termites. Aside from possible structural repair, the preferred method of extermination is the eliminate the moisture source.

Powder Post Beetles. Fumigation of the infested structure and/or broadcast spray of infested wood members with an approved pesticide.

Wood-destroying Fungi: It is common to treat fungus-infected wood with an approved fungicide to protect against fungus growth.

Damaged wood typically must be replaced. Riviera Pest Control does not offer this service. We will recommend a licensed contractor to complete the work.